B Extraordinary

A Program for Professional Women

Stop Self-doubting and Being on Autopilot So You Can Push The Boundaries of What is Possible and Be On Fire in Your Career and Life

Who Am I?

I grew up with a difficult companion, the voice of self-doubt which I often fell prey to. This inner voice in the background plagued me with confusion and insecurities. I had to conquer these constant sabotaging thoughts and feelings otherwise I knew that there would be a part of me not living and that was painful.

It was not easy to challenge, but with courage, perseverance, and continually dedicated to self-development and creative exploration I transformed my limiting beliefs, attitude, and self-identity and decisively took control of my life. How I did it is a long story and some of the tools, techniques, and teachings that positively transformed my thinking, emotions, and actions to wholeheartedly invest my talents and creativity into numerous fulfilling careers you will find in this program.

Lucia has built various careers being a multi-passionate entrepreneur, with a professional background including Women’s Coach, Freelance Creative Director specialising in bespoke arts, culture, wellbeing, and educational experiences and events, Education Consultant, Parent Mentor, Yoga Instructor, and with 7 years in senior management positions including Founder and CEO of an international festival and School Leader of a Steiner-Waldorf school. She has worked in education for over 20 years and mentors parents in nourishing healthy and happy relationships with their children and teens and nurturing the special talents and gifts that they bring. Founder of Dancesophy, (recognised by the Council of International Dance (C.I.D) UNESCO). Since 2008 she has worked internationally leading women’s workshops to awaken the wisdom of the body through dance. She is driven by a life of meaning and connection with a mission to empower women to B Extraordinary helping them to take ownership of their life through embracing change, redesigning life-sustaining habits, and challenging their boundaries and to unveil what it is that sets them on fire each waking day.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

  • Women who are working in a profession that is not serving them, and gives them no joy, fulfillment, or sense of purpose.
  • Women who want to invest their talents, creativity, and passions/interests into a career that makes them feel alive and gives them meaning.
  • Women looking for job satisfaction with working conditions that create the ultimate work-life balance and allow them to grow as an individual.
  • Whose life purpose is connected to their vocation, their profession, and a meaningful, fulfilling career.

Who It Is Not For?

  • Women who are already established in fulfilling careers where their talents and creativity are fully invested and have the ultimate work-life balance.
  • Whose life purpose is not connected to vocation, a meaningful, fulfilling career.
  • Who are not career minded and not working as a professional.
  • Who are not interested or committed to self and professional development.
Module One

Your Reality Versus Your Dream


  • Self-assess where you are today as an individual to gain clarity on where you want to be.
  • Self-assess where you are today professionally to identify where you want to be professional.
  • Envision the career and life you desire to build for yourself.


It’s a struggle to get where you want to be in life when you don’t have clarity of where you are going/actually want to be. In this module, you will discover more about yourself and your circumstances and begin to envision desired future outcomes for your new career and life.

Module Two

Unveiling Part 1: Your Values


  • Identify the core values that subconsciously define your true essence.
  • Gain clarity on how your core values can be used to help you make more informed decisions.
  • Identify what motivates you so that you can move with more clarity toward the direction of a career that will fulfill you and your values.


It is difficult to make decisions in life when you don’t have the full picture. In this module we expand the horizon to understand current issues and situational awareness from an enlightened perspective that supports decision making that aligns with your core values.

Module Three

Unveiling Part 2: Your Talents and Self-Image


  • Identify your talents and skills and learn what they say about you and who you are.
  • Identify the tools that work best for you so that you can develop creative exploration in your life for your new career.
  • Identify a career that is a reflection/extension/expression of your core values, talents, and skills, so that you can begin to lay down the foundations for manifesting your dream career.


We risk going through life without any real purpose, or lack of direction when we are unaware and unconnected to what our life purpose is or cultivate the talents and skills that we bring with us into life. In this module your essence starts coming into focus, building on your belief system, your values, your “higher calling,” and what ignites you and makes you feel fully alive.

Module Four

Uncovering Your Barriers


  • Unveil limiting self-beliefs and your self-identity.
  • Gain clarity on how you’re limiting self-beliefs and self-identity act as barriers to your success and work towards transforming them.
  • Understand how healthy lifestyle habits can boost energy levels, creativity, and clarity of vision and focus.


It’s a challenge when you have an internal saboteur that wants to keep you in your comfort zone and away from where you want to be. The added awareness of your inner world together with practical tools that this module brings will support you towards life-sustaining habits, boosting your creativity and energy levels.

Module Five

Overcoming Your Barriers


  • Master your self-Identity by exercising the right thinking in order to master your mind.
  • Gather insights about your career purpose and uncover how to overcome your barriers.
  • Enhance your self-awareness to develop a clearer understanding of your core essence and how it will be reflected in a career that is an expression of your essence.


It’s a grueling journey in the dark. In this module, you will tap into your unconscious and unveil valuable insights about your true essence and how to bring it into focus so that you will be able to confidently tackle challenges and overcome barriers as they arise.

Module Six

Manifesting Your True Essence


  • Begin to practice “true thinking” so that you can get desired results through knowing in your career.
  • Learn to understand “feeling” so that you can create with awareness and be centered in the process of your career.
  • Master the “will” so that you move with intent in alignment with thinking and feeling.


It’s exhausting keeping on track when we are simply unaware of how our thinking, feeling, and actions are often not in alignment. This module will bring more awareness of how aligned you are so that you can begin manifesting your true essence.

Module Seven

Creating Your Career Action Plan


  • Establish clear goals to give yourself direction toward achieving your career objectives.
  • Develop a Career Action Plan to achieve the desired success in your career.
  • Learn the Art of Action Planning to hold yourself and others accountable so that you stay on track.


So you know where you want to go but you just don’t know how to get there. In this module, we will learn effective action planning skills and begin to design the HOW of getting to where you WANT to go and begin to manifest your desired career.

Module Eight

Communicating With Confidence


  • Master your communication so that you can articulate your ideas and feelings clearly to others in your professional field.
  • Develop your confidence to move with intention towards the goals you have set for yourself.
  • Learn how to objectively review and update your Career Action Plan as needed to keep you focused on achieving your goals.


Manifesting your chosen career is not just dependent upon having a solid action plan and being able to course correct, but also about being able to let others know what you need when you need it. In this module, you will master how to communicate with confidence in articulating your ideas, vision, and clear objectives to others so they can support your efforts as you begin implementing your Career Action Plan.

Module Nine

Being Present and Consistent


  • Learn to be present and consistent at all times so that you will continually achieve your desired results.
  • Discover the Growth Mindset that can transform your career through being consistent. 
  • Enhance your self-management skills.


It’s tough keeping on track. In this module, you will learn how to adopt a Growth Mindset and self-management skills so that you exercise sustained willpower, and self-management, build up self-esteem and increase confidence to overcome challenges with courage, focus, and consistency.

Module Ten

Kickstarting Your Implementation


  • Receive one weekly check-in call for 3 weeks to keep your implementation on track.
  • Learn how to overcome obstacles that may get in your way.
  • Get accountability support to keep you committed and moving forward.


Now it’s time to put into practice all the tools and techniques learned from this program to create life-changing habits and turn your desired career into an extension/reflection/expression of who you truly are. In this module, I will remain with you to make sure you get off to a good start!

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